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Glitch Shader - I / for Blender

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📺 Let's glitch!

Glitch your visuals with this procedural shader designed specifically for Blender. This shader allows you to deform and blend static textures or sequences, closely simulating the authentic glitches and defects of analog image devices, but in Blender and in a very quick and easy way thanks to the basic controls and sliders.

The .blend file features a straightforward interface built with Blender's geometric objects, so you won't need any additional add-ons or plugins. Dive in and distort your visuals into something great!

✅ Features

✔️ Procedural shader nodes for Blender to deform and blend textures
✔️ Doesn't need Add-ons or plugins to function
✔️ Guide included inside the blend file
✔️ Works only in Blender (4.1+)

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🎥 Artwork created using the shader

Example of a visual piece I created using the shader. In this case, I also used Davinci Resolve to edit and lightly adjust the colors.

Footage examples

Original footage and glitched versions

Original Footage and glitched versions

🔮 How it works

The .blend file contains a very simple interface made from geometric objects in Blender and does not require any add-ons or plugins to function. The scene includes a plane to which the shader is applied. You can use a static texture or a sequence of images or video. This texture is processed with pre- and post-nodes to deform the image.

These nodes are procedural textures that can be 100% customized, allowing you to add or remove other textures as well. These textures are animated using geometry that acts as drivers. Finally, you can capture directly what you see in the 3D viewport or you can render the result as a sequence to later combine different rendered sequences with different blending modes in any video editor.

🚨 License

✔️ You CAN freely use this .blend file and its contents in your projects, including commercial projects.

⛔ You CANNOT resell or redistribute this file and its contents, nor generate profit from selling them.

☝ One more thing!

Since this is a digital product, I DO NOT offer refunds. Please review the product description carefully and ensure that you are using the indicated Blender version. Additionally, please note that I DO NOT provide customer support services.

🙋‍♂️ Credits

✧ Artwork and shader created by redblueen (

👏 Thanks to

✧ Sanctus Blender for his tutorial CRT effect
✧ Cottonbro Studio from Pexels for their video of the woman dancing (CC0)
✧ Northern Heritage Network for their skull model available in Sketchfab (CC0)

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Glitch Shader - I / for Blender

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